Nendoroid Haruna Kai Ni is an upcoming Nendoroid of Haruna from Kantai Collection manufactured by Good Smile Company.


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Kantai Collection figures
Scale figures
Good Smile Company Destroyer Shigure: Casual Ver.Shigure Kai NiShimakaze Yuudachi Kai Ni
Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen
Battleship Bismarck KaiMusashi Kai: Heavy Armament Ver.Musashi Kai: Light Armament Ver.Musashi: Heavy Armament Ver.Musashi: Light Armament Ver.Warspite
Enemy Ship Aircraft Carrier Wo-Class
Max Factory Destroyer Murakumo Kai NiZ1 (Leberecht Maass)
Heavy Cruiser Atago: Heavy Armament Ver.Atago: Light Armament Ver.Takao: Heavy Armament Ver.Takao: Light Armament Ver.
Battleship Iowa Half-Damaged: Heavy Armament Ver.Iowa Half-Damaged: Light Armament Ver.Kongou: Half-Damage Ver.Yamato Kai: Heavy Armament Ver.Yamato Kai: Light Armament Ver.
Submarine I-58: Half-Damage Ver.I-168: Half-Damage Ver.
Enemy Ship Battleship Re-ClassHarbour Princess
Other Destroyer Shigure Kai NiShimakazeShimakaze: Major Damage Ver.Yukikaze: Major Damage Ver.
Battleship KongouMutsuNagato
Carrier Zuihou
Submarine I-168
Destroyer AkizukiAmatsukazeFubuki: Animation Ver.Fubuki Kai NiHatsuzukiKiyoshimoLibeccioMurakumoMutsuki Kai NiShigure Kai NiShimakazeUshio Kai NiYuudachi Kai Ni
Light Cruiser Abukuma Kai NiKisoKitakamiOoiOoyodo
Heavy Cruiser KumanoPolaSuzuya
Battleship HarunaHaruna Kai NiHieiIowaKirishimaKongouKongou Kai NiMusashiMutsuNagatoNagato (Young)WarspiteYamato
Carrier AkagiKagaRyuujouShoukakuTaihouZuikakuZuikaku Kai
Submarine I-401
Seaplane Tender Akitsushima
Auxiliary Ship Akashi KaiKashimaKatori
Enemy Ship Aircraft Carrier Wo-ClassBattleship Re-ClassNorthern Princess
Destroyer AmatsukazeFubukiFubuki: Animation Ver.Shigure Kai NiShimakazeTokitsukazeYukikazeYuudachi Kai Ni
Light Cruiser KitakamiOoi
Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen
Battleship IowaMutsuNagatoWarspite
Carrier AkagiKaga
Auxiliary Ship Kashima

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